Happy Spritz Run Sweat Recover spearmint and organic tea tree essential oil towelettes are made using 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers and combined with premium steam distilled essential oils.

includes: 7 - individually wrapped towelettes
keynotes: spearmint + organic tea tree
benefits: cooling, invigorating, revitalizing, uplifting, purifying
use: face + body + hands + surface // after sweaty adventures: yoga, spin, running, after the gym, on long flights or road trips, at the office, glamping (or camping) in the wild.

• made from 100% biodegradable + sustainable plant fibers
• therapeutic grade steam distilled essential oils
• 100% naturally derived 
• cruelty free + vegan
• certified fsc + rainforest alliance approved paper
• home compostable towelette
• resealable (and recyclable) ziplock bag 
• made in california

bag size: 
4.75" x 7"

A portion of all essential oil towelettes proceeds go to benefit animal rescue

Essential Oil Towelettes - Run. Sweat. Recover.

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