Beauty elevated with skin-transforming ingredients that go beyond just adding colour. Pure minerals pressed with organic oils and collagen boosting plant extracts firm, smooth, and protect skin from aging while adding a pop of natural colour.

Included in each palette is five eye shadow colours and a blush or highlighter.

Day Palette Colours:
Coconut - Matte Cream
Fawn - Soft Rose Gold
Wise - Matte Soft Brown
Elm - Matte Warm Grey
Storm - Matte Grey Brown
Softness - Soft Nude Blush

Night Palette Colours:
Fizz - Luminous Cream
Aspen - Soft Plum Brown
Oak - Luminous Gold Brown
Rolo - Chocolate Bronze Brown
Carob - Deep Coffee Bronze
Kind - Warm Nude Blush

Softness Palette Colours:
Bloom - Peachy Pink
Cloud - Warm Stormy Brown
Terra - Earth Bronze
Wander - Luminous Rose Gold
Neat - Soft Mauve
Feather - Soft Pink Cloud Blush

Glam Palette Colours:
Dusk - Plum
Allure - Deep Bronze
Kaleish - Olive Gold
Smoke - Smokey Grey
Galaxy - Translucent Black
Moonlight - Soft Highlighter


Vegan. Gluten Free.

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Eye Shadow Makeup Palettes

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